Medium Voltage Cables

Medium Voltage Cables

Medium Voltage Cable

RuiTian Cable offers a wide range of medium voltage cables for commercial, industrial and urban residential networks. Our electrical equipment is manufactured with quality in mind, so you can be sure you are receiving a reliable and high performing product.RuiTian Cable is a leading supplier of medium voltage cables, which we believe range between 8.7kV and 15kV. For higher voltages, please visit our high voltage cable specification to find the right cable for your application.

Reliable cable solutions for local infrastructure

Buildings such as substations, railway networks and industrial parks require efficient and reliable power supplies. Our medium voltage (MV) cables are manufactured specifically to support this level of construction, and our customers trust us to deliver electrical equipment of the highest standard.
The insulation in our medium voltage cable ranges from paper to EPR, PVC and XLPE. The cores can be used with single or three cores of solid or stranded copper or aluminium and the cables can be armoured or unarmoured.
As a specialist supplier of medium voltage cables, our standard medium voltage cable portfolio includes single and 3-core copper or aluminium core cables, steel wire armouring or aluminium wire armouring for mechanical protection, as well as a variety of application-specific materials including polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyethylene (PE), cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) and ethylene propylene rubber (EPR) and outer sheath properties including low smoke zero halogen (LSZH). sheathing properties. We also offer medium voltage standard cables manufactured to meet specific grid requirements, in triple form. Our medium voltage cable products are installed in a wide range of industries, from construction to power transmission. They are widely used for power distribution between high voltage mains power sources and low voltage applications.

Our medium voltage cables are available in specific lengths and extended lengths to facilitate installation and reduce the number of joints.

Custom-designed medium voltage cables

In addition to standard MV cables, we can also design and supply bespoke MV cable products developed for your specific application. Our custom-designed cable solutions offer variants developed and manufactured around a number of parameters, including

Cross-sectional area: typically 35 mm2 to 100 mm2
Number of cores: typically one or three
Solid or stranded aluminium conductors: for applications where lighter cable weights are required, and often more economical due to the lower price of aluminium. 
Multi-stranded copper conductors: for applications requiring a smaller overall diameter and higher transmission performance.
Bonded or peelable semiconductor layers
Watertight: longitudinal, longitudinal + quasi-radial, longitudinal + radial
Insulation layers (conductor shield, insulation and insulation shield): XLPE, more commonly used for medium voltage cables, or EPR, more flexible and often more suitable for marine and offshore applications
Metal shielding: eliminates electric fields outside the medium voltage cable. Concentric copper wire mesh, aluminium foil laminate or extruded lead alloy sheathing.
Stranded three-core cable or three-core 
Armouring: for mechanical protection. Aluminium wire armouring, galvanised steel wire armouring, tapes or adhesive tapes for single-core cables.
Tapes: Separating tapes for easy peeling, water swelling tapes to prevent water ingress, conductive adhesive tapes for core bonding.
Outer sheaths: compounds with various properties tailored to the requirements of specific applications, including resistance to oil, grease, rodents, termites, UV and flame, and zero halogen emissions.

Contact our technical team to discuss your specific project requirements and our medium voltage cable and accessory solutions.

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