What Are The Primary Reasons That Unarmoured Cable Is Used?

Aug. 23, 2022

If you are doing industrial electrical jobs on a regular basis, or even those for residential homes, you have often been presented with using non armoured cable. There is often a lot of confusion between what the differences between that which is armoured, and those that are not. At a very basic level, armoured cable is that which is protected from outside damage that could be because through impact on the outside. Unarmoured cable is going to be missing this extra layer of protection, purposefully not included for reasons that will be discussed. Let's first discuss what armoured cable is, and then why you might want to consider using unarmoured cable for certain electrical installations.


What Is Armoured Cable?


STA Armored Copper Power Cable


This type of cable is going to have multiple layers of protection. There is going to be the conductor which will consist of the aluminium armoured cable more copper wires that will be on the inside. These will be encased in some type of insulation. It is common for this to be wrapped in what is called polyethylene. You can usually tell that this type of wiring has this protection by the designation of XLPE. There will also be an additional layer of bedding, along with steel wire armour on the outside. This will be followed by some type of a sheath. All of this is going to protect the wires on the inside, and that's why it is typically used when you are bearing the wires when doing underground installations. Click here to know about Ruitian armoured cable.


What Is Unarmoured Cable?


This is also called optical cable. If you have ever seen people install fiber-optic cables, that is what you are looking at. The main difference between this type of cable, and a standard Huadong steel wire armoured cable is that it does not have that final layer of outer protection. Other than that, they are only going to be different in regard to the type of wiring that is on the inside, and how many different cores it will use. Unarmoured cable is also less expensive to produce, primarily because the exterior level, which could be made of something like Kevlar, is not going to be used on the cables that are used.


Unarmored Copper Power Cable


How To Find Good Deals On Either Of These


You can find quite a bit of information on these cables on the web. This can help you make the right choice for whatever it is that you are trying to install or repair. If you do this for a living, you are well aware of the differences in these cables. Your only goal is to find a reliable unarmoured cable supplier that creates quality products for less. Whether you have to obtain these from an overseas distributor, or if you can find this close to home, either one will work if you can get quality products for less. It may take a few days of research, or it may only take you a few hours, to find one of these companies that you will want to use.


Now that you know the difference between armoured and unarmoured cable, you can see that they are not so different. Armoured cable is used for electrical systems that are wired underground whereas unarmoured cable, though underground, it's typically for things like fiber optics. Your job is to just find a place where you can buy non armored cable at a low price. This is going to ensure that you will save as much money as possible, and earn more, with every job that you do. We are an unarmoured cable manufacturer. If you are interested in our products, please contact us now!

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